Who am I?

My name is Robert Provencher. I have been, and continue to be a portrait and wedding photographer with my wife Tina. We have a baby girl who isn't a baby anymore....(almost 20).

I am a coach, consultant and purveyor of quality, no nonsense information on photography marketing.

What are my beliefs?

Since you're still reading this, I'll tell you. I believe photography, in the traditional sense, is dead. However, creating a successful photography business is very much possible.

Well, it's not really dead. What I mean is, everyone is a photographer. Everyone. And we're all videographers too.

Been to a wedding lately? A sea of I-phones, Androids and (gulp) I-pads (yes, people bring Ipads to weddings and use em as cameras....uggh) spring up like a field of tulips in Holland.

I speak to groups of young students at local high schools every year. I tell them the same thing I am about to tell you....there are no career opportunities in photography.

None. Nada. Zilch.

You don't go to school, graduate, and get a job in photography. Teachers get jobs, maybe. Accountants, lawyers and engineers too. And doctors.....they all have what is called a "career track."

But not photographers. I tell them to takeĀ  a course in business instead of a course in photography. Learn to market, sell and promote your photography service AS A BUSINESS.

Learn marketing. Push yourself to become they very best person you can be, learn to take great images (this is the easy part) and push beyond your boundaries (this is the hard part).

The Best Way To Learn

Show up. Learn from others who been there. Lose the attitude, ego and pride. Only in photography (well, sometimes with musicians and actors....) do I see so much of this.

Trial and error. Don't take anything personal. Everything is a lesson. Nothing stays the same. Don't make a big deal out of it. Nothing-is-a-big-deal.

Here's the big one: Always be improving yourself. Always.

And....have goals. For you, for your personal vision.

P.S. one of the best ways to learn is from others. That's why I've created, and continue to create an epic amount of presentations, webinars and interviews with other successful photographers (and occasional non-photog with a cool story.)


There are none. We created them. They are figments of our collective imagination. A projection of a fantasy, an ideal.

The only guru is YOU. You're the guru. Let your inner guru shine.

Wizard of Light is a metaphor, by the way. It represents the inner wizard in each and everyone of us. Learn to work with light. Create and create a successful business with light (hey, we're photogs....we paint with light) and (I know this sounds corny- but I really believe in this...) let your inner light shine.

It's a balance between inner and outer. Balance. And it's about everyone. Not about me. Not about you. You and I are all wizards. In training. Because the training never stops.

Never stops

Learning, mastering light never stops. Getting better at business, running a successful studio, never stops.

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