Your master coach, marketer, your fearless leader. Your guide by your side. I've been there, done that, and am still in the trenches fighting the forces of evil daily. I have had an interesting journey...

 I am not a celeb or marquee photographer....

And that's why I teach, coach, share and help others who have similar goals to mine and an affinity to a life's purpose through photography and business.

It's a voice we all have, and if we hear it, and listen to it, then only then can we start our journey.

I believe that any business owner, whether it's a big business or small business, the owner is the key.

I believe my experiences shaped me, and molded my gifts into what they are.

  • Brought into this place on July 26, 1958 in Blind River, Ontario
  • My only vivid memory of Blind River up to the age of three was seeing Santa Claus walking up the driveway as I looked out in horror from the picture window, ran screaming and hid under my bed until he left. All other memories are grainy black and white films my dad shot. After we moved from Blind River, we visited a lot. Those memories are some of the best of my childhood.
  • I 'escaped", as I say, and moved to Sudbury, Ont when I was three years old
  • I was a handful, played with matches, climbed everything, found trouble where I could and at the age of 5 while at church with my 4 year old baby sister (those were the days when mom, too busy with a newborn and a two year old, would just send us up the road to attend mass on our own) dragged her to the front to receive communion. We got busted for being under aged. I had to see what all the fuss was about, what can I say.
  • Being the oldest, with four sisters under me, a dad who worked a lot, I was eager and energetic to get into any trouble I could find. I caused my mother a lot of concern, and I wouldn't have blamed her had she had me checked out. Nowadays, I would have been medicated. For sure.
  • Got my first camera when I was, ten, I think. It was the worlds cheapest camera and when I opened it up Christmas morning I was so excited I ran into my dads arms. What's important here is that we never hugged much. I sorta lost myself. I never actually used the camera. We were too poor to buy film. I think they bought it on sale. It was a nice gesture.
  • I got my first working camera when I was 16. My next camera when I was 18. All cheapies, but I gravitated towards cameras and loved going around shooting everything.
  • My teen years were rough. Arrested four times, jailed for three days on one of those, paroled another, kicked out of high school.....an overall dark period for me.
  • In spite of all the trouble, I had a leadership side to me. I ran the local youth club teen dances at our church and was the teen representative at the local playground. These were roles I simply stood up and took..."I want to do that..." I liked to party.
  • I graduated grade 12, after going back. Grade 12 2.0. Started college in a bird course that had photography and  a darkroom. I was hooked from that point on.
  • Dropped out of college to attend another college in a legit photography course. Dropped out of it.
  • Started working for a local advertising magazine shooting photos for their ads. I drank a lot of beer too. Age 20 ish.
  • Started a legit job at the age of 21 working for a successful commercial and mining studio that also did some portraits. I ran their high end black and white darkroom. Very cool.
  • Around 18 months later, after feeling bored and sensing that I knew all their was to know in that job, I got hired on as a school photographer. I had been sending resumes everywhere and in spite of severe shyness I was bold in marketing.
  • Age 22 started school photography, had  my first ever anxiety attack and first heart break. I was devastated.
  • Two years I managed through gut wrenching anxieties and trying to get mastery over feeling so overwhelmed by life and shooting hundreds and hundreds of children every week.
  • Worked for 10 months managing a franchise style photo studio. Got laid off.
  • Started my own studio. I was basically unemployable. Age 25. Here it is.
  • Age 26 got offered to buy an awesome 3500 sq ft home studio. I believe this opportunity came about because I had taken the steps into starting my own place. I signed a "rent to own" deal and five years later I owned it.
  • At age 31 I quit drinking, smoking and started on the most amazing time of my life. Self help workshops and group therapy, Toastmaster, University, involved in our photography association and countless workshops and seminars on business and on photography.
  • I met and married my wife Tina when I was 36 and we had one daughter right away. She quit her job (my wife, not my daughter) as an accountant and we've been a super team since then.
  • Moved the studio to our current home location, my dream home as I call it...a 3000 sq ft cedar home with a detached 1200 sq ft cedar garage converted to a studio. Dreamy!
  • That's it. Now I teach cardio kick boxing, run, bike, travel to Costa Rica several times a year and run the studio, as well as coaching other aspiring and ambitious photographers. Like you. (you have to be ambitious to have read this far:)...)
  • I'm a Leo

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  1. Anna Herald
    Trying to figure out how to post????
  2. admin
    Login....go to the above menu where it says "members"...choose forum...in there, go here: http://www.wizardoflight.com/forum/mindset-for-success-and-prosperity/welcome-everyone-post-your-first-post-here/ and click reply to add your first steps....image: http://www.wizardoflight.com/for1.jpg Rob
  3. Rob, I purchased the Complete Studio Marketing System through the Big Trigger special. I am unable to download it. I tried having my password emailed to me and I never get an email to reset my Password. Please help. Thanks, Bruce Schooler
  4. Bruce, did you register? Or did you miss that page....?? email me at rob@wizardoflight.com
  5. John M Graupmann
    Hi Rob, I have a couple of questions about your sales path / workflow. When after the shoot is your presentation sales session? Immediately? Next day? One week later? I'm an old guy like you and when I visit photographers they complain about "all the computer work" they have ahead of them. I agree that the computer should be used for selling and marketing, don't chain it down with production chores all day. Your thoughts on sales workflow? Thanks
  6. Shiva
    Rob, could you share your phone number, that I can call to talk about the coaching and your get started videos purchase, and provide you with how I am unable to get started after many years, but have most of the equipment and space needed. Thank you
  7. Shiva, I don't take calls for this. Too busy. I love using email! That way, one is forced to be clear and succinct. And my replies the same....email me...rob@wizardoflight.com and tell me what you want to achieve. be brief if you can, and to the point. thanks....Rob
  8. I am trying to login for tonight's workshop, but it has rejected my password as wrong and won't let me back in.
  9. No one routes for the evil villan who's run off with the hero's beau, same applies to a site that's been stuck in Google's naughty corner. But unfortunately not every request will get approved. The only tab of your concern is Public Templates, and no actions are necessary as it is already on the screen.

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