The Academy

Everything listed above, and more, much more, including one-on-one coaching, group coaching webinars (on some very cool topics besides photography too! Like goal setting, wealth attraction, creativity, confidence building..... to name a few..) is included. It's a Phd in life and photography.

Some folks ask me about the online photography forum, NoBs Photo Success Inc™ I co-founded with James Hodgins. What's the difference between the Wizard of Light Academy and that forum? The best way I can describe it is the Wizard of Light is much smaller, more intense, more coaching, goal setting, accountability is involved. It's like a Phd. NoBs Photo Success is more social, a huge group event. Some folks want it all, and join both. Others only want the intensity and focus that Wizard of Light gives them. No Bs Photo Success is  a great place! One guy told me it was like high school. Friends, education, fun and friendly....

I personally belong to several online forums myself. Some are self-improvement based, others are forum based. All total I run into the hundreds of dollars  a month on my own personal self-improvement and self-education. It's worth every penny times many times over, and again multiplied by the amount of energy and dedication I put into it. At one time I was spending easy up to $1,000.00 a  month on goal setting and leadership programs. And it all paid off for me.

So in the grand scheme of things, the Wizard Academy is great value. Truth be told, it's worth many times the amount I am asking for it.

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  1. Mary Lynn Gibson
    Do I need a password? I have lost mine if I had one. I am getting your e-mails, but when I go to log in it tells me you have no one registered under my e-mail address. What gives?
  2. Mary, if you signed up and are an active member of the Wizard Academy you'd have access. If you lost your email, simply request a lost password in the login section and if you're in the system you'll receive an email....Rob

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