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Creative studio photography using photoshop

photo 01The end of summer marks the beginning of studio portrait season for our studio. When the weather get's below zero, the leaves have all hit the ground and our city is covered with the white stuff some clients just don't want Read more

Studio Power On-Location with the Vagabond Mini

Years ago I bought a portable battery pack that allowed me to bring 120 volt power with me anytime, anywhere. Only if I was willing to lug it around that is. You see, it weighed a ton. It was called the Vagabond from Paul C. Buff, the same company that manufactures...
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When Should You Use a Tripod?

  Intro When should you use a tripod? Seems like a simple question, but many are, well, too embarrassed to ask. Mainly because the tripod is such a staple tool and essential, so it seems. First off, before I give you my take...
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