Creative studio photography using photoshop

The end of summer marks the beginning of studio portrait season for our studio. When the weather get’s below zero, the leaves have all hit the ground and our city is covered with the white stuff some clients just don’t want to brave the outdoors. Luckily we can bring the outdoors to them with some […]

Bad light, great portraits….finding the best light for outdoor portraits in high noon sun….


Find the light. See the light! Working with, seeing and applying the best lighting in your photography takes some time, practice and creativity. Light is everywhere. Otherwise, it would be dark. What you need to do is use it for maximum effect and creating portraits that sell. I’m not talking about winning awards, ribbons and […]

Trash the Prom Dress and bring the pony…and one of the best publicity stunts to skyrocket your studio brand…


A few months ago I was out photographing a trash the prom dress for a young lady who wanted this done with her pony….So I shot it and video taped it and thought I’d share it with you. I am not  sure that trash the dress sessions are a mainstream product, or a quirky side […]

The secret to creating family portraits that sell…


It was exactly two years ago almost to the day that I photographed this family…. Yes, mid November. Lucky there wasn’t a foot of snow, which is very likely in these parts. Cold out, yes. But not too cold…. Babies and young kids. What was grandma thinking? I knew this portrait session may not work […]

Studio Power On-Location with the Vagabond Mini


Years ago I bought a portable battery pack that allowed me to bring 120 volt power with me anytime, anywhere. Only if I was willing to lug it around that is. You see, it weighed a ton. It was called the Vagabond from Paul C. Buff, the same company that manufactures Alien Bees and White […]

When Should You Use a Tripod?


  When should you use a tripod? Seems like a simple question, but many are, well, too embarrassed to ask. Mainly because the tripod is such a staple tool and essential, so it seems. First off, before I give you my take on this, let me state that many photographers always use a tripod. Always. […]

The Renaissance Portrait


We created the renaissance portrait in our studio as one more portrait styling that compliments the range of sessions that can be created for little girls. We always have a blast creating fairy portraits and running our twice annual fairy day special which always books out solid, but we wanted something more to offer, hence […]

Rooftop Brides and Other Weird Locations


I was asked to shoot some bridal images for a national bridal fashion magazine. Have you ever seen the typical images that they use to highlight the wedding gowns? Many of them are outright bizarre or awkward, at best. Yes, there are some good poses, but in the world of fashion, it seems that anything […]

The Art of Creating the Perfect Family Portrait


Is there such a thing as perfection? In my opinion, perfection is completely dependent on the way it is defined by the most valuable and credible person I know…the client. Print show judges, friends, peers and others can offer only opinions, but when it comes to creating family portraits that sell, your client gets top […]

One of the best ways to hone your photography skills…


One of the best ways to hone your photography skills… Image above (and below) taken with a Canon G12, flash on and compensated for ambient. I discovered this many years ago when the new small point and shoot digital cameras came on the market in and around 2002. And I quickly realized, this is not […]

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