Fast, easy, super cool off camera flash strategies….


Finally! Summer is here. And so are the mosquitoes and outdoor portrait sessions. Yesterday I photographed these two sisters who’s mom has been bringing to me since they were babies. And she drives two hours one way each time. That’s loyalty. Just behind my office are some cool trails and a slow moving creek. Since […]

Real estate photography tips…


By James Hodgins Photographing these sessions can open many other “Cash Flow Doors” within the real estate industry that can generate some extra income with little time and post processing.             All real estate agents require photographs of the homes they are selling to be included with their listings. Most […]

Studio Power On-Location with the Vagabond Mini


Years ago I bought a portable battery pack that allowed me to bring 120 volt power with me anytime, anywhere. Only if I was willing to lug it around that is. You see, it weighed a ton. It was called the Vagabond from Paul C. Buff, the same company that manufactures Alien Bees and White […]

When It Has to be Fast-Magazine Cover


Even though we photograph mostly families, babies and weddings, I often get asked to photograph the cover for our local lifestyle magazine. Recently, the featured person was the new coach of our city’s Junior hockey team. And with this shoot time was critical. This is a very, very busy man and the shoot HAD to […]

Rooftop Brides and Other Weird Locations


I was asked to shoot some bridal images for a national bridal fashion magazine. Have you ever seen the typical images that they use to highlight the wedding gowns? Many of them are outright bizarre or awkward, at best. Yes, there are some good poses, but in the world of fashion, it seems that anything […]

One of the best ways to hone your photography skills…


One of the best ways to hone your photography skills… Image above (and below) taken with a Canon G12, flash on and compensated for ambient. I discovered this many years ago when the new small point and shoot digital cameras came on the market in and around 2002. And I quickly realized, this is not […]

On location studio lighting secrets….


Here’s an image from a recent shoot that I created for a fundraiser, our local “Tour of Homes”. It is an annual event where certain homes go on “tour”.  The tour brings in a cash surge for a great cause and it is a great publicity event for our photography studio, not to mention, the […]

Creating and lighting bad *ss team photography…

Most team photos are routine, boring and not really big sellers. However, “bad *ss” or “intense” photos can be a lot more fun and turn boring team photos into big money profits. How? Here’s how I set up a team photo session at St-Charles College. I used posing to let the girls have fun. I […]

Fast, Easy & Effective Commercial Lighting


At one time when I was younger and eager, full of beans and ambition, I took every job….sports teams, tournaments, school photography….stuff that I now choose to avoid preferring to “cherry pick”.  I mostly focus on my studio portraits; family portraits, baby portraits, engagement portraits and weddings. However, once in a while I do get […]

Fast and easy lighting tips for interiors….


Can you see the off camera flashes in these interiors? Well, you might not “see” them, but you can see the light they are “kicking in”. I created these images for a local lifestyle magazine publication. I wanted to work with the ambient light flowing in from the windows and kick in a little extra […]

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