I was awestruck at the insight she gave in regards to her craft…


I was listening to an interview on the radio the other day with Glenn Close. (Glenn was being interviewed. I wasn’t listening to an interview in my car with her beside me. Although that would be kind cool I guess.) I was awestruck at the insight she gave in regards to her craft. Us’em photogs […]

Why is it that photographers spend thousands of dollars to travel to conventions?

  Jeff Lubin is one of the smartest photographers around today. He has years and years as a photographer. And a mentor to many. Jeff asks this question: “Why is it that photographers spend thousands of dollars to travel to conventions, classes and workshop but only a small percentage use the information to change their […]

Don’t squish my egg salad sandwich…

Lazy Day at Home

I try to eat well. I juice. I make super smoothies that everyone hates because they are so good for you. I eat a plant heavy diet. And I feel great. Don’t hate me….I can see half of your rolling your eyes. Eating well is important to me now. Especially since I’m getting up there……now […]

When should you get a logo for your photography business…. or should you even bother?


I love a good logo as much as the next guy. What I struggle with, and try to impart some of my vast worldly wisdom on others about, is when a new business owner stresses out too much on what logo they should use. I see this enough with photographers. And I question…‘should they really […]

Life Success Hack-what do you do with info-overwhelm?

Photo above by Margaret Bryan….from her webinar Dogs and the Business of Pet Photography (keep reading…) I just finished doing some spring cleaning in our online photography forum. Cleared out some non relevant stuff and dead links. And you what I discovered? holy crap…..even after cleaning shop, this place is jammed to the rafters with […]

What photographer works for 14 bucks an hour?

My daughter is turning 19 soon. Since she was ten she started assisting me on weddings and various other portrait assignments. As a parent I valued this time with her for two reasons….one, i wanted to spend time with her and two, I wanted her to see what I did for a living. I felt […]

All is chaos and pandemonium around me….here’s why, and how I avoided the downward spiral

Years ago when digital started taking over, I noticed many photography studios started complaining, struggling while only a few succeeded. A few. Not many, since most have disappeared since. The ones who failed failed to change with the times. And it’s not about the photography or the equipment. It’s much more than that. I’ll explain […]

YOU are the Matrix


When the Matrix first came out I was blown away. This is an amazing movie. When it was first released, they was barely a buzz, not much hooplah. Bit of a sleeper before it became a mainstream popular blockbuster. The story line, the effects, everything about it made a compelling sci-fi movie. Well done. The […]

This is what we’re talking about…


So last week I popped the local professional theatre center where I’ve been the ‘official’ photographer for many years now. Had  a great chat with Judy, the marketing director and main go-between since I started working with them in 1998. She’s  a super keen lady, and very personable. We always have great chats. It’s been […]

The one question most photographers fail at…and why the answer to it is so vital…

Gyspy with a crystal ball

I recently finished another 3 day workshop where I brought in a series of world class speakers who generously shared their information and insight on marketing their photography business, lighting, posing, success and some seriously killer photoshop techniques. You had to be there. It was truly epic. One day one, first morning, as usual, I […]

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