Book report vs field report


Business is tough. Toughest thing I’ve ever tackled. Best job I ever had. Challenged me more than anything. And from those challenges I grew in so many ways. But we love to plan things out first. Figure out the details. The minutea. The equipment, the logic. The marketplace. Hell, we’re even so bold as to […]

Shanty Town vs. Solid Rock

informal settlement in south africa

70-90% of what you learn at noBs photo success will STILL be true in five years.  How do I know that?  Because 70-90% of what our members learned in noBs 6 years ago is still true today! I have so many members  whose photography businesses have steadily grown since ’05 or ’08 or ’10 or […]

“I would have been butt-hurt…”

Kicking Butt

April writes…. “Thanks, Rob, for the critique. I want to let you that if, a few years ago, you had told me my work wasn’t up to par – I would have been butt-hurt but I didn’t feel that way at all this morning. Because I know that my work is getting there….” My hats […]

“Does my photography business run smoothly, without chaos and panic most of the time?”

efficiency level conceptual meter

TAMING THE BEAST Good fences make good neighbours. I’m sure everyone has heard that expression and I have another one. Good policies make good business. Now I know this business type stuff is as boring as batshit…nowhere near as exciting as the latest release from “OMG You Ain’t Seen Nuthin’ Like This” Photoshop Actions…BUT…..  Ask […]

I’m not trying to blow my own horn but I am here to tell you it can be done….

Cute nerdy girl blowing  a party horn.

Someone posted recently that you can’t make it in photography anymore. When I hear this, I say, nonsense, or B.S. and a few other choice descriptions…. Alicia, the co-coach with Wizard Of Light and forum moderator over at the photography forum, NoBs Photo Success Inc™ couldn’t have answered it better…. Her reply….and I agree wholeheartedly! […]

How to instantly insert yourself into an elite category…


Have you ever gone into a photo shoot and been totally stuck? You know, no ideas, no strategy. Maybe scared or stressed out? Your mind goes blank? It happens to us all. Happens to me all the time. It’s just nowadays I’m better and faster at working through it. That’s one of the benefits of […]

What’s going on in the photography industry…

Many are quitting. Many are failing.. What’s going on? Truth be told, here’s what I see… *crap photography *too many pictures of pretty girls *loads of boudoir (segue from pretty girls) *no real business savvy, little or no marketing *desire for instant success (wherever or whatever that may be? IE…accolades, ego, compliments, ‘likes,…) *even many […]

I was awestruck at the insight she gave in regards to her craft…


I was listening to an interview on the radio the other day with Glenn Close. (Glenn was being interviewed. I wasn’t listening to an interview in my car with her beside me. Although that would be kind cool I guess.) I was awestruck at the insight she gave in regards to her craft. Us’em photogs […]

Why is it that photographers spend thousands of dollars to travel to conventions?

  Jeff Lubin is one of the smartest photographers around today. He has years and years as a photographer. And a mentor to many. Jeff asks this question: “Why is it that photographers spend thousands of dollars to travel to conventions, classes and workshop but only a small percentage use the information to change their […]

Don’t squish my egg salad sandwich…

Lazy Day at Home

I try to eat well. I juice. I make super smoothies that everyone hates because they are so good for you. I eat a plant heavy diet. And I feel great. Don’t hate me….I can see half of your rolling your eyes. Eating well is important to me now. Especially since I’m getting up there……now […]

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