Burning and dodging in photoshop


CLICK ANY IMAGE TO WATCH THE VIDEO   These images all created using the same techniques mentioned in the video:

How high could you, should you go with your ISO?


This question has been bandied about since digital day one… What about noise (grain)? What processes do you use to remove it? How big can you go? On and on. I routinely shoot high ISO for many shoots. Here’s a bunch of images I grabbed from the last month. Yes, I do get around…from weddings, […]

Kick your images up with cool photoshop brushes….

photo 01

by James Hodgins ******************************************************************** I received numerous emails about the corner designs I placed on some of my images that I figured I would add a follow up post explaining how I achieved the final images. Something as simple as adding an edge, effect or border to an image can really “kick it up a […]

Creative studio photography using photoshop

The end of summer marks the beginning of studio portrait season for our studio. When the weather get’s below zero, the leaves have all hit the ground and our city is covered with the white stuff some clients just don’t want to brave the outdoors. Luckily we can bring the outdoors to them with some […]

Brain dead photo tips and photoshop strategies for perfect images everytime…

photo 01

Basic workflow to stunning images. By James Hodgins Guest poster and fellow maniac, co-founder of NOBs Photo Success Inc™ When I am looking through my viewfinder at the scene I am about to capture, I already have the finished image in my mind. I  know exactly how I am going to crop it, workflow it, […]

The Renaissance Portrait


We created the renaissance portrait in our studio as one more portrait styling that compliments the range of sessions that can be created for little girls. We always have a blast creating fairy portraits and running our twice annual fairy day special which always books out solid, but we wanted something more to offer, hence […]

Camera Settings – Standard vs Neutral? Which One Works Best?


Greetings folks.  Just for fun and curiosity whilst shooting in my studio this week, I decided to grab a few shots with the camera picture mode set to “neutral”.  At one time not so long ago, I shot all our portraits with the camera set to neutral with all the settings turned down to low […]

Real High Dynamic Range Photography


First off, HDR, or high dynamic range, is not new. It’s the exact, identical, idea behind the zone system made popular by Ansel Adams. Fred Picker (zone VI) is a more modern day zone system evangelist. (Fred was amazing, and his catalogues were marketing pieces like no other. It was in essence an amazing wealth […]

Well, that`s a first….

Friends…. Well, that`s a first…. After creating, hosting and organizing hundreds and hundreds of webinars, tonight, July 22, 2013…I messed up…in two ways… First off, I booked TWO webinars in one night….. NoBull PhotoShop with Bill Guy and the Wizard Of Light Advanced Training Series with Maggie Habieda Nowakowski What was I thinking? Obviously, I […]

RAW vs JPEG…..”…seriously, I’m going to Walmart to buy underwear… do I need a 400HP muscle car to get me there?…”


Received an email from Gary on the age old debate of RAW vs JPEG…. “Hello NoBs photo dudes. I am enjoying your site and all it has to offer to photographers everywhere. I am however having a brain meltdown, so to speak. It is in regards of the old raw vs jpeg debate. I have […]

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