Money Making Maternity Portraits….


by James Hodgins We do a lot of maternity sessions in our studio and all of them (if they are not already) turn into repeat clients. It is a very important time in an expectant mothers life, and some wish to have beautiful photographs to remember it. We try to offer a large variety of […]

Why is lighting so confusing…


Why is lighting so confusing!?? You may be surprised at my answer. The reason why it’s so confusing, is, it’s so simple.   Really. It is. We complicate matters. Think about a great blues solo. Simple. The worlds best bands- often using three chords, no more. Simple. The best images in photography are often very, […]

Food for thought and profits….


    by James Hodgins I hear a lot of photographers asking “what do you do during the slow months? In my studio, during the winter months I focus on my marketing, studio portraits and commercial projects like creating images for local business’s websites and marketing materials. This past month I have had several local […]

Secrets to photographing babies and building a solid photography business.


I have no compunctions to acting like a child. Ask my wife… I connect, relate and respond to children. Some say I’m immature, some say I’m emotionally thwarted while others speak the truth….I’m good with kids. It’s that simple. Every Sunday my mother in law would have us all over for supper. Her, grandpa, my […]

Creative studio photography using photoshop

The end of summer marks the beginning of studio portrait season for our studio. When the weather get’s below zero, the leaves have all hit the ground and our city is covered with the white stuff some clients just don’t want to brave the outdoors. Luckily we can bring the outdoors to them with some […]

Posing and head tilts……the good, the bad and the ugly…


When do you use feminine poses and masculine poses? Is this something you should even be concerned about? To a degree, yes. But there are some limits. For example, shooting a wedding, and you have very little time. Should you worry about each person in the family groupings? And tweak and adjust each head tilt? […]

Fairy day keeps on rocking…


As many of you know, we do fairy day every six months in our studio. Each time, we sell out. This fall was no exception. We booked 24 fairies and it seems to get easier to book out each time. One cool thing that happens each time we have a fairy day (you can read […]

How to successfully photograph the two-year old…


How to successfully photograph the two-year old “A three-year-old child is a being who gets almost as much fun out of a fifty-six dollar set of swings as it does out of finding a small green worm.” ~Bill Vaughan~ From the desk of the The “Two Year Old” Zen Master… Again, last week, a client […]

How To Get Perfect High Key Portraits Every Time


  I love high key portraits. They are one of my favorite portrait styles and a look that I use in my studio just about every day. I sell a ton of these of portraits. So what set up do I use and what enhancements make these backgrounds look great? To help with this, I created […]

Executive Portraits With Pizzazz


Executive portraits were always traditional and predictable…. boring! But they don’t have to be. Whenever I shoot an executive session, I ask a lot of questions and dig deeper into what the person is all about. I’m looking for a creative angle, something that we help me create an image that is unique and in […]

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