How to get maximum results from one window light source…


 Weddings are a joy to photograph…. ABOVE: Here’s a quick shot of my assistant and daughter Danielle, from a few weeks ago…(waiting for the bride) Soft flowing light loves to caress the curves and flow of feminine mystique…..our job is to make certain we use this light, this light that is one of our greatest […]

Lighting tips in studio and outside….


Just a quick over view on some basic lighting scenarios and how I typically handle em….One in studio and two outdoors….Check it out….: I’ve photographed so many children over the years, mainly because of my marketing efforts such as the Kreative Kids Klub, Babies First Year Wall panel and, well, I love kids (I happen […]

Secrets to working with window light…

photo 01

by James Hodgins I think window light was the first light source most photographers used when creating their indoor portraits. It was free, easy to use, and in most cases a nice soft pleasing light source. With just one window, you can create a series of different portraits that are quick, unique and easy.  I […]

Real estate photography tips…


By James Hodgins Photographing these sessions can open many other “Cash Flow Doors” within the real estate industry that can generate some extra income with little time and post processing.             All real estate agents require photographs of the homes they are selling to be included with their listings. Most […]

Shooting the successful prom event


By James Hodgins For the past five years we have photographed one of the local high schools Semi Formal and Prom Events with great success.  We have streamlined the shooting, viewing and post processing to really maximize our profit margin. This system can be incorporated into any event you might be commissioned to photograph and […]

Money Making Maternity Portraits….


by James Hodgins We do a lot of maternity sessions in our studio and all of them (if they are not already) turn into repeat clients. It is a very important time in an expectant mothers life, and some wish to have beautiful photographs to remember it. We try to offer a large variety of […]

Why is lighting so confusing…


Why is lighting so confusing!?? You may be surprised at my answer. The reason why it’s so confusing, is, it’s so simple.   Really. It is. We complicate matters. Think about a great blues solo. Simple. The worlds best bands- often using three chords, no more. Simple. The best images in photography are often very, […]

Food for thought and profits….


    by James Hodgins I hear a lot of photographers asking “what do you do during the slow months? In my studio, during the winter months I focus on my marketing, studio portraits and commercial projects like creating images for local business’s websites and marketing materials. This past month I have had several local […]

Secrets to photographing babies and building a solid photography business.


I have no compunctions to acting like a child. Ask my wife… I connect, relate and respond to children. Some say I’m immature, some say I’m emotionally thwarted while others speak the truth….I’m good with kids. It’s that simple. Every Sunday my mother in law would have us all over for supper. Her, grandpa, my […]

Creative studio photography using photoshop

The end of summer marks the beginning of studio portrait season for our studio. When the weather get’s below zero, the leaves have all hit the ground and our city is covered with the white stuff some clients just don’t want to brave the outdoors. Luckily we can bring the outdoors to them with some […]

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