Chased by a half crazed lady swinging a baseball bat…


Did I ever tell you about the time my mother almost killed me? There’s not much to the story, except that it’s true. And I almost died that day. At least that’s how I saw it at the time. I was scared for my life and it was all my fault. Never in my young […]

Follow Your Dreams


If there’s one activity that will guarantee you success in life and in your own photography business it’s the effort you put into digging deep into your heart and soul and pulling out a list of meaningful challenges worth pursuing. In other words, have meaningful goals. Have purpose to your life. Dig deep, kick butt […]

I’m not trying to blow my own horn but I am here to tell you it can be done….

Cute nerdy girl blowing  a party horn.

Someone posted recently that you can’t make it in photography anymore. When I hear this, I say, nonsense, or B.S. and a few other choice descriptions…. Alicia, the co-coach with Wizard Of Light and forum moderator over at the photography forum, NoBs Photo Success Inc™ couldn’t have answered it better…. Her reply….and I agree wholeheartedly! […]

Top 3 Three Reasons Why You Get Nothing Accomplished…

Sometimes you need to take the opposite view and look at why some things don’t get done, so you can  better understand how to best, well, get them done. Most of the reasons why we don’t get much accomplished are beyond our  control…things like family, social media, teevee and talk shows…. on and on. This includes day to day grind stuff, bills, work obligations….you know. Stuff. Everything pretty much a series of distractions. Now, family would be considered more than a distraction. And I agree.  However, if it wasn’t for your parents, spouse, teens, grade schoolers,  toddlers we’d get tons done. The truth is, once you get all these distractions out of the way, you’d be  staring face to face with one thing and one thing only…. ….your destiny. Your dreams. Your future. You. But alas, so many things to take care of first. What about social media? Easy enough to blame it, than your family. Flakebook has a grip on us, doesn’t it? We feel the need to post, check in, update, opinions, pictures, videos,  tagging, sharing……a good question to ask is, how much of what you’re contributing on facebook is helping you accomplish what you want out of life? So what about all these distractions? How do you clear them out? The answer is brain dead simple you know. In fact, the way out is so simple most people won’t even give it a serious look. Only those who want to improve, for real, and get the kick-butt results that go with it. So you need to make a decision to either get with the program […]

How to instantly insert yourself into an elite category…


Have you ever gone into a photo shoot and been totally stuck? You know, no ideas, no strategy. Maybe scared or stressed out? Your mind goes blank? It happens to us all. Happens to me all the time. It’s just nowadays I’m better and faster at working through it. That’s one of the benefits of […]

There is no spoon….


There is a scene in The Matrix…you know the one…. when Neo visits “The Oracle”.   She’s a sort of prophet inside The Matrix who can read people, tell the future and keeps everyone in line. She smokes. Lives in the ghetto. Bakes cookies. Makes for an interesting oracle, but most things in this movie […]

Head Trash in the tennis court


I like to take in the occasional game of tennis. It’s always been one of my favorite sports, besides running and cardio kickboxing. Last Sunday when my wife and I were on the courts, before lunch, I tried a new strategy. First off, you should know, I also tried another strategy the week before…namely, one […]

Why waiting on tables is good for the soul….


Several times throughout my life I found myself waiting on tables or slinging beer. I’ve worked in rough and tumble bars, fast and crazy meat market dance clubs, regular old-school lounges and high end fancy schmancy restaurants where we all wore black pants, white shirts, ties. Yes, I’ve served a  lot of people. And I always […]

Life Success Hack-what do you do with info-overwhelm?

Photo above by Margaret Bryan….from her webinar Dogs and the Business of Pet Photography (keep reading…) I just finished doing some spring cleaning in our online photography forum. Cleared out some non relevant stuff and dead links. And you what I discovered? holy crap…..even after cleaning shop, this place is jammed to the rafters with […]

My arm shot straight up, back of the room, way in the corner…

Businesswoman attending a seminar

The first six months starting in the year 1991 were truly epic for me. Truth be told, everything has been epic since. But that first half of that year really started the ball rolling in a whole new, exciting, creative, prosperous direction. I quit drinking and smoking. Both of these activities really bothered me. Drinking […]

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