There is no spoon….


There is a scene in The Matrix…you know the one…. when Neo visits “The Oracle”.   She’s a sort of prophet inside The Matrix who can read people, tell the future and keeps everyone in line. She smokes. Lives in the ghetto. Bakes cookies. Makes for an interesting oracle, but most things in this movie […]

Head Trash in the tennis court


I like to take in the occasional game of tennis. It’s always been one of my favorite sports, besides running and cardio kickboxing. Last Sunday when my wife and I were on the courts, before lunch, I tried a new strategy. First off, you should know, I also tried another strategy the week before…namely, one […]

Why waiting on tables is good for the soul….


Several times throughout my life I found myself waiting on tables or slinging beer. I’ve worked in rough and tumble bars, fast and crazy meat market dance clubs, regular old-school lounges and high end fancy schmancy restaurants where we all wore black pants, white shirts, ties. Yes, I’ve served a  lot of people. And I always […]

Life Success Hack-what do you do with info-overwhelm?

Photo above by Margaret Bryan….from her webinar Dogs and the Business of Pet Photography (keep reading…) I just finished doing some spring cleaning in our online photography forum. Cleared out some non relevant stuff and dead links. And you what I discovered? holy crap…..even after cleaning shop, this place is jammed to the rafters with […]

My arm shot straight up, back of the room, way in the corner…

Businesswoman attending a seminar

The first six months starting in the year 1991 were truly epic for me. Truth be told, everything has been epic since. But that first half of that year really started the ball rolling in a whole new, exciting, creative, prosperous direction. I quit drinking and smoking. Both of these activities really bothered me. Drinking […]

YOU are the Matrix


When the Matrix first came out I was blown away. This is an amazing movie. When it was first released, they was barely a buzz, not much hooplah. Bit of a sleeper before it became a mainstream popular blockbuster. The story line, the effects, everything about it made a compelling sci-fi movie. Well done. The […]

This is where the magic happens.


Friends, foes, droogs and spartans…..THIS is where the magic happens in photography. You get a group of photographers together. 3 days. Lock em up, all day. No one leaves. No one wants to leave. They’re having too much fun. And learning more than they could possibly pick up from anywhere else…. John expressed it best: […]

“I can’t understand why more people don’t get onto these amazing sessions…”

Friends, last week I had yet another mastermind call, as part of the NoBs Photo Success Membership. The theme for this call was website strategies for photographers. I had two very qualified guests on the call with me. Kyle Brady and Kerry Allen, and we basically brainstormed and chatted on the latest, greatest and coolest […]

Your Photography Sucks!

Baby crying

“Never fear shadows. They simply mean there’s a light shining somewhere nearby.” ~Ruth E. Renkel~ Years ago, as a young lad of, ooohh, 22 or something, brimming with ambition, confusion, lacking in self-confidence, but more balls than brains, I was working at one of those high volume photo studios… You know the kind…..low quality, franchise […]

Annie Leibovitz Reveals A Big Secret To Success In Photography


“If a day goes by without my doing something related to photography, it’s as though I’ve neglected something essential to my existence, as though I had forgotten to wake up.” ~Richard Avedon~   I just finished reading Annie’s latest book, “At Work”, and also watched the DVD documentary about her called: “Life Through a Lens” […]

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