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How much money should you make in photography?

You can do it "Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into." ~Wayne Dyer~ How much money should you make? Is there a magic amount? Here's what I heard from someone, and it makes perfect sense:

Make enough so you don't have to think about it.

Good answer. Of course many obsess and play the game, using money as the scoreboard to keep track of their winnings. For many high powered entrepreneurs, playing the money game isn't so much about acquiring wealth, but is more about the actual play. The challenge. It's addictive and fun. It can really ramp up our neurosis if we let it. Read more

Chicken shit!

I was chatting with an old friend recently. He was unemployed, having worked 25 years at the same place.
So, he took up his favorite passion, art.
He's good. He knows how to create nice work. He even ramped up...
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How to fire a toxic client

The girl in a gas mask
The best way to fire a toxic client is best done by preventing them from entering into your domain in the first place.
This is all too obvious, and an important phase we all, as business owners, go...
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Follow Your Dreams

goalsetting If there's one activity that will guarantee you success in life and in your own photography business it's the effort you put into digging deep into your heart and soul and pulling out a list of meaningful challenges worth pursuing. In other...
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Top 3 Three Reasons Why You Get Nothing Accomplished…

mmeyes Sometimes you need to take the opposite view and look at why some things don't get done, so you can  better understand how to best, well, get them done. Most of the reasons why we don't get much accomplished are beyond our  control...things like family, social media, teevee and talk shows.... on and on. This includes day to day grind stuff, bills, work know. Stuff. Everything pretty much a series of distractions. Now, family would be considered more than a distraction. And I agree.  However, if it wasn't for your parents, spouse, teens, grade schoolers,  toddlers we'd get tons done. The truth is, once you get all these distractions out of the way, you'd be  staring face to face with one thing and one thing only.... ....your destiny. Your dreams. Your future. You. Read more

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