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  • there's no more business opportunities in photography anymore, no one pays for quality work
  • I don't have the drive, the ambition to be in business (this happens after struggling over and over, we get fed up and burnt out..keep reading)
  • not being able to produce killer work that clients would buy (if only you could produce it??!!!)
  • struggling every freakin month, month after month, ready to pack it in and curl up in the first rut in the road you come across
  • always having to compete on price, price, price!!! aaarggghhhh!! Enough to drive you NUTS!
  • spending endless hours in front of your computer only to end up with results that are half ass at best and worse yet, your clients will bitch and moan about forcing you to give it away
  • struggling with anxiety and frustration over what you hoped and dreamed would be the ultimate business opportunity, photography
  • trying to compete against every tom, dick and photo mom with camera calling themselves photographers and giving everything away
  • losing your PASSION…feeling dead inside, wondering WTF happened….
  • Mastermind group meetings, monthly coaching, strategy calls and webinars exclusive for  Inner Circle members. Have your most pressing and urgent challenges dealt with instantly during these calls. No more struggling & waiting for advice. We are your guide by your side.
  • Goal setting strategies, accountability, challenges and coaching based on your goals. It's proven over and over that having clearly defined goals makes all the difference. Most won't go there. Many fail for this reason. You don't have to....we have  a proven track record with our specialized forms and comprehensive goal setting templates that we have our members fill out every month.
  • Standing on the shoulders on giants… We bring the BEST in the industry with our on going Wizard of Light Advanced Training Series that our members get to attend free... including, so far (more being added on a regular basis)Kirsten Lewis, 'Finding your own Voice', Argentina Leyva `The Art Of Seduction Boudoir Success`, Margaret Bryant “Dogs and the Business Of Pet Photography", Maggie Habieda Nowakoski- Building a high end portrait business, Vanessa Joy- "Weddings and the Business of Wedding Photography" (coaching members have download access to watch and listen ALL the replays in this series, at their convenience....each series is intensive and in four parts),
  • Access to all my information products, including an all marketing manuals, the complete Profitable Studio marketing system where I reveal in detail how I went from a struggling starving photography studio owner to pulling in well over six figures.... Includes over 600 pages of marketing gold, detailed reports on publicity and sales...
  • One on one email coaching and assessments. Do you need feedback? Ideas? Direction? Ask here. All questions, all levels are welcomed.
  • Fairy Success system…Everything! I show you how I, and many others, have turned one of the most popular portrait sessions into massive profits. We routinely pull in over $16,000.00 in a 3 day promotional's all there....details here
  • Wedding Success System…Everything! Opening the doors to your wedding photography business....details here
  • Marketing System…Everything! The whole deal, the big kahuna. EVERYTHING you need to grow and prosper in your photography business.....details here
  • Family Success System……Complete and detailed instructions on creating family portraits that sell. Includes my latest family posing guide...details here

  1. Same in business. INTERESTED? Join Us….
  2. Do you get different things here----then you do on NoBs?? I thought you got basically the same things?? I'm not going to join a TON of different sites!! Please help me understand!! Thanks in Advance Laura

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