Fairies Success

Can this be the easiest money
you can make with a few props and your camera?


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Let me prove to you why Fairy Portraits is the fastest, easiest and most profitable money-making addition you can add to your photography studio....

From the desk of Robert Provencher...

Creator of the Enchanted Forest Success System

Dear friends, I have been doing fairy portraits for over ten years in our studio and it is a great marketing tool for adding extra income and extra exposure.

I believe it is by far one of the very best ways to increase your photography studio's bottom line, and increase your market position.

In my 30+ years of creating and selling family, baby and wedding portraits, I have not found a niche portrait market where you will have as much fun, clients will eagerly line up, book you out, take their kids out of school for and show up with smiles and anticipation.... and ready to buy!

Could this be the perfect product for photographers to offer?

I've created these special sessions many times and have relied on it as a solid and reliable marketing strategy for my photography studio.

These sessions, when done right, will bring you tons of publicity and profits. But you must know how to market them effectively and you must know how to create results that people will love.

Fail on either of these areas and you are doomed. Get it right, and your success is virtually guaranteed.

We've been doing these for over ten years and I've put together a doanloadable package with ALL the resources to show you exactly how you too can expand your studio sales and tap into this hungry market.

What is the Enchanted Forest Fairy Portrait Success System?

The videos  are about two hours long. In them, I demonstrate the set-up and actual shooting of several fairy sessions in my studio. You get to see the lighting, the posing, the rapport and learn from me while I create fairy portraits from these real sessions.

On this video I also have a frank, honest, no-nonsense one-on-one chat with you on the finer aspects of marketing, attitudes, strategies and mindset. I've laid it out for you and made it brain-dead simple.

The resources  includes several videos on the exact work-flow I use in Photoshop.


Ditto Cam web broadcast and webinar video from PhotographySchoolhouse.com on Shooting Fairies...more great information as I instructed hundreds in this web broadcast....

You will be amazed at the simplicity and the final results


I reveal every aspect, and no advanced photoshop skills required. I also give you photoshop actions, including a fairies set from photoshop guru Mama Shan, who has created some of the best actions for these types of portraits. Also, I interview another photographer Diane Wilson, and she reveals how she creates these sessions successfully in her studio. This is a must listen-to interview.

More testimonials.....

"....average sales $678 per fairy. THIS YEAR!..."
"I just wanted to let you know how well the Fairy Day promotion has done in my studio. I tried it for the first time last January, I set up using things i already had, woodland Christmas trees, an old muslin I had from a past Easter session, and a bridge piece from a 10 year old Off the wall set, I gathered up random greenery
from around the studio, found a resin frog, and fake butterflies, picked up rocks from a culvert and sprayed them with texture spray paint, made a fairy wand from a dowel rod and some cardboard, used an old candle lantern from a 25yr old Christmas centerpiece, dug out a old Christmas ornament. I purchased 3 costumes from an online Halloween place, all on clearance. And then bought a piece of mirrored plexi glass from the local hardware store. I set up a main, a kicker and a reflector. I decided to shoot on 3 days, 4 appointments each day, thinking i would need a lot of time for each appointment. I ended up with 13 Fairies. And was perfectly happy with that. Average I offered only in Studio viewing with the slideshow, set to music, and although my print price were higher they were even more if clients did not order the day of their viewing. average sales $678 per fairy. THIS YEAR! we are also shooting 3 days only, Friday Sat and Sun, but we have 53 appointments booked, shooting a fairy just about every 1/2 hour. Viewings will also be done in Studio via projection in our
"New Studio" I just purchased a new building and I want viewings in the new place. "It's OK to make money" in the photography business, that I was looking for.This is my business, this is how I make a living.  I'm not part time anything. If I crossed the line by using all your wonderful ideas, I am soooo sorry, but they work extremely well, even in my little rural US midwest town of 3600. I also have adapted several other of your great ideas for use in our studio, we tried out the Rock Star idea for the first time in September 2010, it went very well. An outdoor Fall Family special, Black&White Mothers Day and Fathers Day. Plus our old stand by's of real Easter bunnies and the best Santa Claus ever. Thank you once again,
Lori Craig"

You also receive ad samples to help you create and model your own ads when you start up your enchanted forest specials. These ads and the fairy day promotion is brain dead simple and easy to replicate.

You also get me! This system shows you everything you need to start your own fairy portraits. When you invest in the system and you have questions or need to have some samples or ads critique, then you can contact me for feedback. I will be there for you. ONLY $147.00


Note: All our products are delivered to you online via membership access. Nothing is shipped.


This market never goes away. Every year there is a new crop of sessions available for easy pickin's.

This is one of the easiest, fastest ways to grow your studio profits. They literally book themselves. I know of no other niche product that moves like this one.

One session will and can possibly pay for the cost of this system and leftover for props and costume investment. A full day fairy day, as I discuss in this system, could bring you much more than that.

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