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  1. Kim Clark says:

    Once I purchase the complete program that includes coaching how do I receive my log in information and where should I go first. I am gathering my props for the Fairy Portraits.


  2. Kim Clark says:

    Do you have marketing templates?
    I am looking at Pictage for a lab. What do you think of them or do you have another suggestion?
    Does it matter which version of Photoshop I purchase?
    I’m on a roll!…….
    Kim Clark

  3. Kim, welcome…you should have access by now. I see you’re in the system. As to templates, a couple thoughts:
    * templates can give us a false sense of marketing security because they have a built in plug and play aspect to them. I say this to caution anyone who may be tempted to slack off on the real activities and actions that build a truly successful and longterm business.
    *I have some cool templates coming for my Wizard Of Light Gold members….for ads, babies first year sales letters, affiliation marketing and branding….etc etc
    *there are many very cool templates available through deal a day sites like photocafe and fotosav where some top notch photographic designers literally give away there stuff for peanuts. Good for us. I guess it’s working for them because of the economics of scale. Long term, who knows. Doubtful.
    *longterm= the best approach, and this is where I come in, is in implementation of said templates. One thing to have them on your harddrive and feel good about that, another to go after clients and build a solid longterm reliable business.

    in summary, templates are everywhere. Nothing to it. And im adding mine to the Wizard of Light mix. It’s what you do with them that counts. hope this helps…Rob

  4. Teresa Hodges says:

    I can’t get in to the site either , I’m logged in how do i get there.

  5. Teresa…welcome…easy peasy…on top, where it says members, one you’ve logged in, it will show the areas that you have access to….Rob

  6. Hi Rob,
    When I try to log in, I get sent to WordPress login…
    I’ve reset password and still no go.
    Any ideas?

  7. I have no idea why that happens. You’re the second one in the last few weeks to have this happen. The support team is baffled. It does clear up, however…why? Who knows…try re setting your password or clearing your cookies…..the “Lost your pasword” link in the login box

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