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  • Off camera flash techniques- Several on location videos outlining exactly how to create stellar wedding images using multiple flashes.
  • Taking it the streets- Shooting on the street with coupler or bridal to get it done fast, easy and without compromising the quality
  • Photographing in open shade
  • Photographing in raw sun with flashes
  • Photographing using natural light
  • Photographing using window light
  • The five Essential poses-I use this when stuck, or out of time. A great technique and life saver!
  • Packing for the wedding day: I explain exactly what I pack for my wedding day.
  • Photographing detail shots- Which details make the best images that make brides go crazy for your photography and how to light and shoot them
  • Multiple videos from several different weddings that I've hand picked to show you what images work best and exactly how to shoot them for mamimum results.
  • Trash the Dress with Megan- Amazing. You will love this as I show you exactly how I photographed one of the most creative and fun sessions. Not every bride wants to trash her dress, but enough do, especially when they see the potential and creative images you can create.
  • WorkFlow video. I've included a detail video on how I manage to workflow over 500 images in under three hours using photoshop actions and a no-nonsense, stress free approach to photoshop workflow. Also, I've included several very, very cool photoshop actions that will get you set up with the basics so you too can mimc, and modify to taste, your own stress free workflow approach.

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  1. Observando nosso trabalho através do site é possível sim mudar par alcançar o sucesso, já que aqui a sociedade prima pelo preço e não pela qualidade? Se existir de fatos propostas para alterar esse estado de coisa que entro e me registro ao site. Atenciosamente. Pedro Augusto Benevides Machado.
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  3. mike
    Just read your amazing piece about Principles of influence by Cialdini. When somebody calls you on the phone to check if a date is available for a wedding job, what do you answer if it's free? Many thanks for your inspiring blogs
  4. slight hesitation. Never appear too eager. Ever been to a restaurant with few people in it at peak hours/? makes you wonder...same idea...ask questions about their wedding day....get a rapport going. This is also very good when you have a big market position and are well known..... if you have had some prior rapport with them (bridal show, direct mail to them, email to them, market position, referrals, etc etc etc.....) a whole lot of your selling is done by the time they call...hiow this helps...Rob
  5. mike
    Thank for your reply I expect all sorts of replies Wedding on the "mm let's have a look at my diary. mm I've got a few things going on but, I think that I can fit you in" Or customer on end of line "cut the shmuz, I just want a price" "or what sort of wedding are you having" "what do you mean" "just a regular wedding" "why are u asking dumb questions"

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